Yoga Mixtape

Select Sundays, 7p–8:30p



A rhythmic, vinyasa flow class that links movement to the breath, this class is fun for yogis of all levels. Stretch muscles, build strength, find balance, and create internal space, and set an intention for the week. Detailed verbal instructions, modifications for beginners, use of props (provided) and more challenging pose extensions for advanced students. This class is always taught to music. Props provided. (Check the mixtape VIBES!)


Kids Yoga

Private groups 

Kids (ages 4–6) bend, twist, shake and groove through a new yoga adventure each week.  Opening each child to mindfulness, our basic breathing techniques and posture practice will improve overall strength, flexibility and coordination in a non-competitive environment. 

Children (ages 7–9) move into more challenging yoga poses and balances, stretching and strengthening their bodies while expanding their minds with imagination games. We also practice basic breathing exercises for self-control and stress relief.



Seasonal retreats

These seasonal weekend retreats build an educational and self-empowerment component into a restorative yoga retreat framework. Clean food and beverages included are sustainable, local, and organic. Opportunities for play, rest and learning are customizable for participants, who leave feeling recharged and relaxed and overall, empowered to continue creating positive momentum in their life. Learn more at